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We all know that a well groomed dog looks, smells, and feels 100% better and a cat is no different!

Cats need frequent grooming to promote a healthy coat and skin. They are greasy by nature and spend a lot of time on your floor and in the litter box! Oils and dander quickly build up in an unkempt coat, leading to form flaky dandruff.

The dead undercoat is very porous and tends to absorb the oils that odour causing bacteria feed on and, left unattended, a greasy coat will start to tangle to form hard and uncomfortable mats. When I ask why someone has waited until their cat is matted or just plain yucky, the usual response is “Well I thought she groomed herself!”

Do cats groom themselves?

This is a common misconception. Cats lick themselves constantly to remove debris and loose fur from their coat, so it does appear that the majority of cats are, in fact, ‘grooming’ themselves. In reality, they are only spreading saliva though their coat and ingesting copious amounts of hair that, in turn, lead to hairballs that end up on your furniture.

Overweight and elderly cats can’t reach themselves, meaning they require that extra helping hand.

Helping your allergies!

Many people suffer from allergic reactions to cats, even people who love cats themselves. While we can’t completely eliminate your allergies we can effectively reduce the allergens to make living with your cat much more comfortable!

Fleas and ticks

Now take a moment to consider fleas and ticks. Yes fleas are gross, they make life miserable, and can cause disease. Did you know that tapeworms are spread through the ingestion of infected flea larva? It doesn’t take much to accidentally swallow fleas and other nasties found hidden in the coat when your cat licks itself… you may never know if your cat has parasites if you don’t use monthly prevention. When it comes to parasites it only takes one to create an army!

Matted Cats

Matted cats can be dealt with in two ways. We can groom out the knots or clip the fur short all over so the new coat can grow through. Clipping short is often the best way forward if the coat is very matted. If you are unsure we can advise what would be best for your kitty when you come into the salon.

Pricing clip downs is very difficult without us seeing what is involved but we would give you a quote and agree the price with you before you leave your cat with us.

What We Offer 

We groom all types of cats from very smooth to very fluffy. We offer a full clip off, or just groom out knots and dead hair, tidy up bums and tums, nail clipping and bathing. Please call us for more details as we are always happy to help and discuss your requirements.

At Valley Groomer's we will give your cat the super star treatment, whether you require a full groom out, a clip off or the full works with a bath and blow dry. Nails are trimmed as standard for all treatments.

Two groomers always work together on every cat, ensuring the most comfortable and stress free situation as possible. We try to do most cats on our lap and most will drop off to sleep. We are always kind and gentle and most importantly we do not use sedatives!

Cat Grooming 

Taking your cat from alley cat to Valley cat 

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